Nickel Ore

Mako International Trd traders have long been in the industry since the 2010. Base on year 2018 alone, we have already imported 2 million tonne of nickel into china already on our sister platform, Yong Chuang international (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. We trade solely as a principal and physical market maker, having long-standing relationships with most major mining companies and smelting counterparties in key demand pockets, particularly in Indonesia and Philippines. By integrating our market knowledge across the industry value chain, we are able to respond to supply and demand changes and offer our counterparties and suppliers solutions that address imbalances caused by market changes.

We are planning to expand even more in year 2019 by doing at least 3 million ton.  We are already one of the top 3 importers of nickel ore into china and we plan to become the top importer of nickel ore by end of 2020.


Mako international Trd is an active participant in the global physical and financial coal markets dealing both futures and physical product.

Our global network enables us to source, transport, store and sell thermal and metallurgical coal of different qualities in a large variety of countries throughout the world. We pursue structured transactions such as physical off-take and sales agreements which may include physical price-hedging and/or financial solutions.

We handle the entire logistic chain –railing or barging coal from the mine to the export port, chartering and managing dry bulk carrier vessels to the port of destination and transporting the coal further to the end-receiver.

Mako international Trd aim is to apply its experience in coal and coal logistics to create value for counterparties. We are fast-acting and our entrepreneurial culture enables swift implementation.

Mako International Trd plan to trade at 3 million MT of coal to china by the end of year 2019.


Mako International Trd has started trading bauxite since year 2018. We specialize in delivering contracted bauxite, alumina, and aluminium in desired quantities and qualities from our dedicated and long standing miners globally. We also have an increasing numbers of buyers approaching us for supply.